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You may feel that you are not living the life you would choose to live or that you are not acheiving your full potential.  Everyone you meet, everything you see creates a thought in your mind and for each and every person the thought is different. It's not something you generally have a choice about - it just happens.

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Your mind  is the most powerful thing you will ever come across.  Your mind has the innate power to put you through hell or take you to heaven - not many things you can say that about!  Yet sheer will power is a poor ally when trying to change your mind.  Brute force has no effect on the force of your mind.

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Ideally we all need a helping hand to guide us through the thought filters that influence how we view our world. Help us to break free from negative or unhelpful  patterns.  Help us to realise the limitations and restrictions we are setting up for ourselves.

However, sometimes you are not ready to look that deeply at the emotional changes needed  or for some reason it is just not the right time for you.

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This is an opportunity for you to start small and work your way through the daunting task of becoming the person that  you have always wanted to be; to  break free from some of the thought habits you have got into with a fantastic and liberating self help course ....

And you get an opportunity to try the first month for FREE.

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In common with much of life, it's small things that lead to big differences - so it's nothing like rocket science - just a small tweak for subtle change.  I'm not promising magic or miracles here, just the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the small things that could make big changes for you.

It's easy too!
It's about looking at the words that you choose

  • when you are speaking to other people
  • when you are self talking (the hardest words to 'hear' because they are spontaneous and mostly in the background)
  • and your emotional reaction and self talk to the words that other people use towards you.

This monthly programme will be delivered by email and will come in around three parts each month.  There will not be reams of notes to work through - just a few simple adjustments and a bit of explanation so that you understand why you are doing the exercise.

You can sign up now for the first month for FREE

When you have found how helpful the course is to you you can then choose to sign up for a further 12 months or pay  monthly  Once you have enrolled on the course and got the feel of it you will get access to an exclusive forum where you can discuss your experiences with other members plus telephone support  if you feel there is something that would benefit from a little personal support (an small additional charge for this)

If you choose to pay monthly, you are paying less than you would pay for a glossy monthly magazine and you are getting really excellent benefits.

If you pay for the full year then you are paying the equivalent of an average priced book, yet getting so much more.  

This is a special introductory offer.  The price will go up.

Sign up now and get your first month free

Subscription options

Or if you are still unsure get a month free frist.

Just let me assure you that although I expect the results to be big the effort you need to put in is minimal.  It is simple creating a choice awareness that will influence the words you use and the outcomes.  You also have access to private coaching sessions with me (guaranteed) and not a bank of therapists.  I have been a hypnotherapist for almost 20 years and in most cases can quickly and empathitically understand the problem.

For more information about my background please follow this link

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